Zion Lutheran Church Endowment Fund

Did you know that the Zion Lutheran Church Endowment Fund is devoted to serving God and God’s people both in our congregation, in our community, in our country, and around the world? Did you know that in the over 25 years since the Endowment Fund was created with a $900,000 gift from the estate of the son of Sophia Pauli, that due to prudent financial management, that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given to church and social agencies to further their work?

To learn more about our Endowment Fund and how you too can leave a legacy of faith and love, please speak to anyone of the Zion Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Committee.

We are: Marg Lamont (chairperson), Gerald Cook (secretary), Mervyn Dietz (advisor), Norma Hansen, Gerry Rehberg, Bill Hoffard, Kevin Tuer (ex-officio), Pastor Jeff Laustsen (ex-officio).

P.S. Over the coming newsletters, we will share with you some of the work that the Endowment Fund has done for people in God’s name.

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