Message from the Treasurer – April

Message from your Treasurer

Dear Fellow Members of Zion:
As a follow-up to my letter dated March 31, 2020, I want to share with each of you an up-date as to what has been happening financially during the month of April. As you know, three options were suggested in the letter to help your church financially.

I am very pleased to advise that a number of members are in the process of signing up for the Pre-Authorized Account Remittance (PAR) program. As I also mentioned in my earlier letter, we are truly blessed with the members that are enrolled in this program, since, it is this income which still continues uninterrupted, during these challenging times. To those members who are in the process of signing up for the PAR program, “thank you very much.” We are also having other members mailing their offerings to the church. To those members who are mailing in their offerings to the church, “thank you very much.” Lastly, quite a few members are either dropping off their offerings at the office or leaving them in the locked mailbox. To those members who are delivering their offering to the church in this manner, “thank you very much.”

I am also very pleased to advise that we now have another option for making your offering. Members can now make a donation through our church website at The procedure is as simple as clicking on “Make a Donation” on the home page, reading the instructions and then answering the questions. Once the donation has been finalized, the member receives their income tax receipt very shortly thereafter via their email address. The member also has the option of splitting their offering between the Current Fund and the Benevolence Fund using this method. I want to acknowledge the time and efforts of Gerry Rehberg in bringing this option to fruition. For all his efforts in this regard “thank you very much.” I also want to extend my personal thank you to Liz Bomasuit and my wife Isabel for continuing to come to the church each week to process the offerings. Your willingness to do this each week is very much appreciated.

For those members who have not responded financially to-date, we ask that you prayerfully consider making a donation via any of these options. Your financial support is needed also.  It is still unknown how long this period of closure will last. Therefore, we ask for your on-going support financially for those members who have stepped up-to-the-plate already and for those members contemplating making a donation.

As we all know, these are very challenging times for everyone. Words such as “unprecedented”, “extraordinary” and “uncharted” have been used to describe these times.
Thank you for your faithful and dedicated financial support during these turbulent and challenging times.

It is our hope that this letter finds you, and your family and friends safe and healthy.

Gerald Cook, Treasurer
On behalf of the Finance Committee and Congregational Council

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