Message from your Treasurer – August 2020

As I write my fifth Message, plans are underway to resume In-Person Worship Services. For those who feel safe to return, following all the protocols, it will be good to have this option once again. Of course, as Pastor Jeff has announced already, we will continue with the on-line services via the Church website, namely the sermon by Pastor Jeff including prayers and announcements, for those members who are not ready to return to In-Person Worship Services at this time.

As you already know, my responsibility as your Treasurer is to keep you informed as to what has been happening financially, since my last Message. As I have indicated in previous “Messages from your Treasurer”, I continue to be inspired by the generosity of our members through their financial support of our Church. However, without the Wage Subsidies, our deficit has increased since my last “Message from your Treasurer”. The Wage Subsidies have greatly helped our bottom line for this fiscal year. One of the main reasons most likely for the increase in the deficit is the result of not having weekly services for the past few months. Not having the offerings from these weekly services (nineteen weeks from the middle of March to the end of July) has dramatically changed our financial status. But as I have mentioned in the past, our members have stepped forward by dropping off their offerings either via the mail box at our church, leaving them with Jane in the church office or placing them in the mail. For those members who have diligently continued to make their offerings in these ways, we cannot thank you enough. I want to extend personally, a very grateful “thank you” to Liz Bomasuit and my wife Isabel for faithfully coming each week, for the past nineteen weeks, to process the weekly offerings.

We are also pleased to advise that the new options of making your offering, namely, our Church Website and the E-Transfer system are being used by our members. We are also encouraged by additional members signing up for the Preauthorized Remittance (PAR) program as well as members increasing the amount being donated monthly. To the members using these new options to make their offerings versus the method used in the past, thank you for embracing these new options and for those members signing up for the PAR program or increasing their monthly offerings via the PAR program, thank you very much.

For your information, a Finance Committee Meeting is scheduled for early September. Therefore, the next “Message from your Treasurer” will contain more specific details as to the current financial status of our church.

In closing, as we all know, these past few months have been very challenging times for everyone, but considering these unprecedented times, we cannot thank you enough for your faithful and dedicated financial support for our church, during these uncertain times.

It is our hope that this letter continues to find you and your family and friends safe and healthy.

Gerald Cook, Treasurer
On behalf of the Congregational Council and Finance Committee

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