Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability

Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability Policy:

It is the policy of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (the “Church”) to provide goods and services (together referred to as “Services”) to persons with disabilities in a way that is consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity.


The definition of a Disability as applicable under the Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability Act may be found in the Ontario Human Rights Codes. This is a condensed definition:

  • Any degree of physical infirmity, malformation or disfigurement that is caused by bodily injury, birth defect or illness.
  • A condition of mental impairment or disorder, a developmental or learning dysfunction.

“Disability” includes but is not limited to, such things as epilepsy, paralysis, impaired vision or hearing, speech impediment, reliance on service dog, wheel chair or other assistive devices.

Access to Goods and Services:

Please note that unfortunately the following areas/rooms are not wheelchair accessible at this time: the second floor of the Education Wing. It is however our policy to do our best to provide our services to those with disabilities by:

  • Providing access to the premises as far as possible by reasonable accommodation.
  • Access to information in a format that accommodates a Disability as reasonable.
  • Respecting the independence of an individual with a disability by allowing them as necessary and reasonable assistance as might be requested by them.
  • Respecting the dignity of an individual with a disability.
  • Considering means of integration and equal opportunity of an individual with a disability.

Support Persons:

It is the policy of the Church to allow an individual with a disability to be accompanied by a support person when accessing the services of the Church.

Service Animals and Assistive Devices:

It is Church policy to allow service animals on the premises and in all situations where an individual with a disability requires the service animal to access services of the Church.

Temporary Disruptions:

If any methods of accommodating an individual with a disability are interrupted, the Church will post a notice in a conspicuous place. Such notice will advise of alternate arrangements available if any.


The Church will accept feedback from anyone who has any concern about the Accessibility Policy and its implementation. Feedback may be submitted in writing, by email, or by telephone to:

Parish Administrator:      Terry Faulhafer,  Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 202 Erie St., Stratford, ON N5A 2M8      519-271-8527

Availability of Document

All documents relating to the Service Standard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with

Disabilities Act (AODA) will be made available upon request and in a format reasonably accommodating Disabilities. You may make a request in writing, by email or by telephone. Please address your request to the Parish Administrator as set out above.

Approved and Adopted by Zion Congregational Council, May 18, 2016