August Calendar

August 2018 Calendar

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July Calendar

July 2018 Calendar

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July August Newsletter

July Aug 2018 Newsletter

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Special Invitation

35th Anniversary of Ordination

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New Guidelines for Capital Project Approval


Guidelines for Capital Project Approval

1. Capital Project requests are to be submitted to the Congregational Council for consideration.

2. Congregational Council is responsible for determining how the cost of the Capital Project will be funded. Options that are available, but not limited to, are:
(a) Contributions from congregation members
(b) Fundraising Campaign
(c) Allocation from the Building, Memorial, or other Fund
(d) Allocation from the Endowment Fund
(e) Any combination of the above

3. Congregational Council will be guided by the principle that the Endowment Fund is to be used only after all other options have been considered and additional funding is still required. In addition, funds available for allocation are determined by the Restricted and Non-Restricted nature of the bequests.

4. If necessary, a request for funds will be made to the Endowment Fund Committee. After due consideration, the Endowment Fund Committee will forward their recommendation back to the Congregational Council for approval/disapproval.

5. If approved by the Congregational Council, the motion will be presented at the Annual Meeting or a Special Congregational Meeting called specifically for this purpose. The motion will be adopted, if it is approved by at least 2/3rd of the members present.

Adopted by the Congregational Council of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church March 20, 2018.

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Synod – Our Ministry Story 2018


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Amended Policy on Addressing Issues and Concerns.

Amended Policy on Addressing Issues and Concerns in the Congregation   

“But speaking the truth in love, we must grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by every ligament with which it is equipped, as each part is working properly, promotes the body’s growth in building itself up in love.” – Ephesians 4:15-16

In order to fulfill its responsibility to “promote congregational unity and good will (and) foster mutual understanding in times of conflict…”) 1, the Congregational Council has adopted this policy for addressing issues and concerns regarding the life and ministry of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church:

  • Issues and concerns regarding the life and ministry of the congregation shall be put in writing, signed, and addressed to the chairperson of the Congregational Council in a timely manner.
  • The chairperson will acknowledge receipt of the correspondence and will share this correspondence with the Congregational Council Executive, who will assess the issue or concern and take appropriate action, or refer it to the Congregational Council.
  • The author of the correspondence will be kept abreast of any decision regarding the issue or concern, and may be invited to address the Congregational Council in this regard.
  • A member also has the choice to present their issue or concern at a monthly Congregational Council Meeting, in person. Just inform the chairperson of the Congregational Council of your wishes and the issue or concern will be included on the Agenda of the next meeting.

Amended and adopted by the Congregational Council of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church May 16, 2018.

  1. The Constitution and Bylaws of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, amended February 1, 2015, Article X, Section 7e.
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Zion Lutheran Church Endowment Fund

Did you know that the Zion Lutheran Church Endowment Fund is devoted to serving God and God’s people both in our congregation, in our community, in our country, and around the world? Did you know that in the over 25 years since the Endowment Fund was created with a $900,000 gift from the estate of the son of Sophia Pauli, that due to prudent financial management, that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given to church and social agencies to further their work?

To learn more about our Endowment Fund and how you too can leave a legacy of faith and love, please speak to anyone of the Zion Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Committee.

We are: Marg Lamont (chairperson), Gerald Cook (secretary), Mervyn Dietz (advisor), Norma Hansen, Gerry Rehberg, Bill Hoffard, Kevin Tuer (ex-officio), Pastor Jeff Laustsen (ex-officio).

P.S. Over the coming newsletters, we will share with you some of the work that the Endowment Fund has done for people in God’s name.

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Our Ministry Story: Eastern Synod 2013

An important part of our church budget goes to support the work of the wider church through your benevolence offerings. Recently one of our Zion members asked for more details. Here is a synopsis:

Like any organization of its size, the Eastern Synod uses a budget to manage its financial affairs. Synodical budgets are approved by the biennial Assembly of the Eastern Synod, to which each congregation may send at least two voting delegates. Full financial information is distributed to delegates before the Assembly, and it remains on the Synod’s website for anyone to view.

Most of us aren’t too interested in the details of budgets or audited statements. We want to know the story behind the budget, the priorities on which we plan to spend a total of $2,185,000. Here is our story for 2013.

Capable Leaders – $1,010,000 (46%)Almost half of the annual budget is devoted to developing a corps of leaders who will provide vision and energy to meet the challenges of ministry in the 21 st century. Specifically, we will:

Support Waterloo Lutheran Seminary’s theological formation of lay and ordained leaders; Sustain outdoor ministry and leadership development for children, youth and adults at Camp Mush-a-Mush in Nova Scotia, Lutherlyn Camp and Conference Centre in eastern Ontario; and Edgewood Camp and Conference Centre in southern Ontario; Create opportunities for youth and young adults to grow in faith and action, at national and synodical youth events; Nurture and guide candidates through the process leading to ordained and diaconal ministry; Underwrite health benefits for retired pastors; Facilitate networks of chaplains in prisons, hospitals and the military; Foster continuing education for lay and clergy leaders through Luther Hostel.

Effective Mission Partnerships – $600,000 (27%) As a synod we know we can’t do everything by ourselves; we need partnerships with other organizations to maximize our effectiveness. Our major partner is our national church, the ELCIC, which coordinates global mission, ecumenical efforts and ministry rosters. The ELCIC’s partners thereby become our own, including:

Canadian Lutheran World Relief; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Anglican Church in Canada; Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives; and other ecumenical partners.

In addition, we maintain a companion synod agreement with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guyana for mutual learning and assistance.

Vibrant Local Ministries – $520,000 (24%) Most local ministry is carried out by congregations, organized into ministry areas. Synodical personnel will devote the largest proportion of their time to supporting congregational ministry. In 2013 they will:

Nurture newly-planted mission congregations; Help congregations find pastors well matched to the needs of their specific situation;Encourage local community outreach; Lead discussions with congregations interested in collaborating in new forms of ministry; Mediate when congregations are in conflict or crisis; Provide workshops and materials for congregational ministry. Local ministry includes creative ways to link congregations with students on post-secondary campuses in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Waterloo, and London.

Focused Framework – $55,000 (3%) The Synod’s infrastructure supports all of the programming priorities listed above. In addition, it serves to:

Communicate with members and the general public via the Synod website and Easter Synod Lutheran newspaper; Govern the synod through Synod Council, standing committees and task forces; Ensure efficient administration of the Synod office.

If you’re interested in seeing financial results from previous years,budgets for 2013 and 2014, audited financial statements and reports of congregational remittances, visit and click on the Assembly 2012 button. Financial information is in section 8.

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National Bishop Susan on Structural Renewal


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Dare to Share Because We Care.

If most of us were truly honest with ourselves and each other we would have to admit that we truly live in abundance.  To prevent further erosion of the work we do as the national expression of our church it is time to pass some of that abundance along.  I just did a quick calculation, if I give up only  one of my two daily indulgences of direct trade americano coffees, I will save $260.00 to pass along to the ELCIC praise appeal at the Synod convention in July.  There are 1000 baptized members in the congregation here at Zion,and 78,000 in the Eastern Synod.  You do the math!  Wow that didn’t even hurt!

Click here to read –> Bishop Mike’s Request.

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