Zion Lutheran Church Endowment Fund

In 1986 Zion Lutheran Church received word that it would be receiving a substantial bequest from an Estate.  A committee was formed to determine how best to use these funds and at the Annual Meeting in February of 1988 a Motion was passed by the congregation approving the creation of an Endowment Fund.  A second bequest was received in 2015 which was specifically designated for the Endowment Fund.

Each year, following the Annual Meeting of the congregation, the net income derived from the fund during the previous year is disbursed within guidelines approved by the congregation.  The net income is to serve the congregation of Zion Lutheran Church, our Eastern Synod and charitable organizations and agencies in Stratford, in Canada and around the world – especially Canadian Lutheran World Relief.  Since its inception this Fund, due to prudent financial management, has been able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to further the work of these groups.

To learn more about our Endowment Fund and how you could leave a legacy of faith and love, please feel free to speak to anyone on the Zion Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Committee:

Marg Lamont (Chairperson), Gerry Rehberg (Recording Secretary), Mervyn Dietz (Advisor and Financial Secretary), Bill Hoffard, Ed Illman, Sharon Fetter, Kevin Tuer (Chairperson of Congregational Council, Ex-officio), Pastor Jeff Laustsen (Ex-officio) and Gerald Cook (Treasurer-Zion Lutheran Church, Ex-officio).

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada is a Church “In Mission for Others” and it is the hope of the members of Zion Lutheran Church, Stratford, ON that the amounts disbursed annually from our Endowment Fund will be a blessing to God’s people and to the organizations it supports for many years to come.