Are we the same as the Missouri Synod Lutherans?

The simple answer is No.  The ELCIC traces its roots to German immigrants settling in Halifax around the year 1750.  The church now known as the Missouri Synod or Lutheran Church – Canada traces its roots to German Lutherans from Saxony who sailed to North America in February 1838 and eventually settled in St. Louis Missouri.  The Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States was organized in April 1847.  Johann Adam Ernst called to be pastor in Eden NY in 1849 made frequent trips into Ontario organizing several congregations.  In 1847, 80 families of German Lutherans from Wurttenburg settled in Middletown townships southwest of Delhi.  The settlers were introduced to Rev. Ernst and he conducted the first service in Rhineland on Feb 28, 1854.  St. Peters Rhineland was organized that same year and is the oldest Missouri Lutheran Congregation in Canada.  It was not unusual for Missouri Synod pastors to serve Canada Synod Congregations in the early years as Pastors were in short supply.  Zion Stratford is no exception and was served by Missouri Synod Pastor F. Dubpernell in 1877.  Calling Dubernell severed Zion’s connection to the Canada Synod and we were actually one of the founding congregations of the Canada District of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States in 1879.  We remained in the Missouri synod until 1904 when a conflict arose and we rejoined the Canada Synod.

Missouri Synod congregations today tend to hold to a more conservative theology than our congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

For more information see Cronmiller, Raymond (1961) “A History of the Lutheran Church in Canada”