Guidelines for Capital Project Approval

  1. Capital Project requests are to be submitted to the Congregational Council for consideration.
  2. Congregational Council is responsible for determining how the cost of the Capital Project will be funded. Options that are available, but not limited to, are:

(a) Contributions from congregation members
(b) Fundraising Campaign
(c) Allocation from the Building, Memorial, or other Fund
(d) Allocation from the Endowment Fund
(e) Any combination of the above

  1. Congregational Council will be guided by the principle that the Endowment Fund is to be used only after all other options have been considered and additional funding is still required. In addition, funds available for allocation are determined by the Restricted and Non-Restricted nature of the bequests.
  1. If necessary, a request for funds will be made to the Endowment Fund Committee. After due consideration, the Endowment Fund Committee will forward their recommendation back to the Congregational Council for approval/disapproval.
  1. If approved by the Congregational Council, the motion will be presented at the Annual Meeting or a Special Congregational Meeting called specifically for this purpose. The motion will be adopted, if it is approved by at least 2/3rd of the members present.

Adopted by the Congregational Council of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church March 20, 2018.